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STUDY: Elderly cause 26% fatal car accidents in Wisconsin

Jul 3, 2018 by Stephen R

As we all age, our driving abilities decline and can pose a hazard on the roads. One study recently looked at drivers in Wisconsin and put some numbers to this issue:

“Research by the organization TRIP shows 26 percent of fatal Wisconsin accidents in 2016 happened because of someone 65 or older — despite the state having a lower percentage of older drivers compared to many states.

There are many potential solutions to this tragic situation. One, stated in the article, is to require yearly tests for seniors, in order to identify dangerous driving patterns before they cause an accident. We at Comfort Keepers also believe in reducing the amount of “necessary” driving through in-home care. Mom or Dad shouldn’t have to put themselves or others at risk to get groceries and other necessities. Our services can help your elderly loved one live a full, and safe, lifestyle.

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